Panel Discussion on the important role of women in the area of Risk Management in Dominican Republic: Capacity and Vulnerability Analysis

23:50 Sep 27 2012 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

The purpose of the discussion is to carry out an activity in the celebration of the International Day of the DRR, which this year is focused on women. This activity will be the starting activity of a consultancy that is conducting Oxfam Dominican Republic and Plan International in order to make visible the role of women and girls at risk management in Dominican Republic, considering the issues of vulnerability and capacity in various contexts of preparation and emergency response.

Through the panel of discussion various academic, staff from The Women Ministry , National Emergency Commission and several people with success stories, will share their perspective on behavior patterns and involvement of women and girls in relation to the management risk and response to emergencies and / or disasters.

In the same way we are looking forward to sharing activities; from the capability to approach a real participation to empowerment of women and girls into the group of risk management not only in the community but in the municipality level too.

From a legal perspective will analyze the legal framework of Risk Management in the country and its position regarding the involvement of women / girls, and possible measures that could be considered to improve existing power relations.

It is important to emphasize that we expect to share women´s and children´s experiences in shelters - community shelters and family shelters - in emergencies with special consideration to the rights and protection approached in this context.

Finally, it is expected to have lessons learned and recommendations of the activity to improve women´s / girls´ involvement in the development of risk management from the perspective of gender equity and equality in its various phases. These will be incorporated as part of the consulting execution.
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