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CARE International Climate Change Brief Adaptation, gender and women’s empowerment 0 Verified

13:55 Oct 09, 2012

CARE International Climate Change Brief Adaptation, gender and women’s empowerment More Information » « Less Information

London, UK

Women in Tajikistan & CCA 0 Verified

13:53 Oct 09, 2012

In Tajikistan, CARE has helped women build simple greenhouses that effectively extend their growing season. This is crucial to household food... More Information » « Less Information


Ghanaian Women adapting to CC 0 Verified

13:52 Oct 09, 2012

In Ghana, CARE brought community members and their local governments together to identify people most vulnerable to floods, droughts and erratic... More Information » « Less Information


Ethiopian Women take on Savings & Loans as CCA 0 Verified

13:51 Oct 09, 2012

In Ethiopia, pastoral women are dealing with more frequent droughts by participating in women's savings and loans groups. Through these... More Information » « Less Information


Bangladeshi Women rearing ducks as CCA 0 Verified

13:49 Oct 09, 2012

n Bangladesh, with CARE's support, women decided how best to adapt to more frequent and severe floods. When given a choice of options to... More Information » « Less Information


Reducing Risks in Slums 0 Verified

13:41 Oct 09, 2012

Women from the Participatory Development Action Program are holding a local level dialogue with authorities and stakeholders to share the risks... More Information » « Less Information

Dhaka, Bangladesh

1 Million Women - Powering Action on Climate Change 0 Verified

13:37 Oct 09, 2012

New campaign launching today to enage 1 million women of Australia to cut their carbon emissions by one tonne each. Join at More Information » « Less Information


Message from Senator Legarda for IDDR 2012 0 Verified

13:35 Oct 09, 2012

Philippines Senator Loren Legarda says that we need to invest more in women and girls in her message for the 2012 International Day for Disaster... More Information » « Less Information


GROW-ing Women Champions in Tanzania 0 Verified

13:34 Oct 09, 2012

here were over 6000 applications for the prize of Mama Shujaa Wa Chakula (Female Food Champion). 11 finalists were chosen for their outstanding... More Information » « Less Information


Turning Down the Heat - Gender and Climate Change a Voice from Kenya 0 Verified

13:29 Oct 09, 2012

"Women's voices are largely absent from policy discussions and negotiations over global warming", explains Wangari Maathai, winner... More Information » « Less Information

Nairobi, Kenya

71-80 of 165 Reports
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