Help us get "#iddr" trending on Oct 12th

23:48 Sep 18 2012 Boulder, CO

Let's unleash the power of Twitter on Oct 12th! Throughout the globe, GDN allies are encouraged to tweet on the topic of Women and Girls - the [in]Visible Force of Resilience. Don't forget to use the hashtag "#iddr".

The 2012 UNISDR website has helpful text bites for possible tweets:

"Women & Girls have unique experiences & wisdom 2 share -they R invaluable partners in preparing 4 & preventing disasters. #iddr via @unisdr"

"Women & Girls R pillars of resilience - the 1st 2 prepare their families 4 a disaster & the 1st to put communities back together. #iddr "

"Women & Girls are powerful agents of change, w/ unique knowledge & skills - crucial when managing disaster risks. #iddr via @unisdr"

"Women & Girls must participate in #poverty reduction, #climatechange adaptation & #disaster risk reduction 2 shape future #iddr via @unisdr"

"It's not #gender but gender #inequality that puts women & girls in harm's way when disasters strike. #iddr via @unisdr "

Or tweet a brief message and send your twitter followers directly to the UNISDR website
"Empower women & girls for a safer tomorrow. #iddr"
"Women & girls are powerful agents of change. #iddr"
"A resilient community is a gender-sensitive community. #iddr"

(Led by members of the US Gender and Disaster Resilience Alliance.)
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