Women and disaster reduction/response

22:51 Oct 18 2012 Wellington, New Zealand

As one member of Disastrous Doctorates I am undertaking a study on how children and youth cope positively with disaster and adversity. This is through the Joint Centre for Disaster Research, Massey University, Wellington campus, NZ.
I am also involved in several activities around Disaster Preparation and response :
- a field training exercise in Zimbabwe, end of October, for the Red Cross Emergency Response Teams. These are public health and psycho-social support teams; working with three other women mentors. We have all been involved in designing training manuals for Disaster Response teams, child protection and support, etc. Subjects for this training centre on baseline, monitoring and evaluation of psycho-social interventions, psycho-social support to the affected population including child protection and support, gender issues, enabling communities...
- Was a co-facilitator with Associate-Prof Sarb Johal ,for the workshop on Children and Disasters in Christchurch in August in the 6th Australasian Nat Hazards Conference.
- have recently intervened in stress management, responder support and planning for vulnerable populations in the training for local council and govt emergency teams.
Maureen Mooney
Doctorate student
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