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In the shadow of Fukushima 0 Verified

13:15 Sep 25, 2012

"Clad in a white embroidered top and brown skirt, 11-year-old Mahima sings from a green hard-bound notebook held in her hands. Death, she... More Information » « Less Information

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India

Women and children are key to successful risk reduction 0 Verified

13:06 Sep 25, 2012

"Toussant Widline, just 12 years old, was all too familiar with the impact of disasters in her community ... Toussant learned that planting... More Information » « Less Information



12:58 Sep 25, 2012

Frances Lappe feels that the problem of hunger will not be solved from the top down, with governments shipping food to those countries in need.... More Information » « Less Information

25 Mt Auburn St #203, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA

Nicky Gavron: We need systemic change 0 Verified

12:54 Sep 25, 2012

In this interview, Nicky Gavron, member of the London Assembly and former Deputy Mayor of London, talks about the future challenges for cities.... More Information » « Less Information

London, UK

Women’s soccer team embodies Japan’s post-disaster resilience 0 Verified

12:52 Sep 25, 2012

Like flags in a soccer stadium, the banners are everywhere across Japan’s tsunami disaster zone.They often bear a single Japanese word... More Information » « Less Information


1 Million Women 0 Verified

12:41 Sep 25, 2012

1 Million Women - A campaign of daughters, mothers, sisters and grandmothers - Committed to protecting our climate, our communities and our... More Information » « Less Information

105 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Creating a New Normal 0 Verified

11:08 Sep 25, 2012

Creating a New Normal follows the extraordinary story of Firefoxes as they try to rebuild their community from a grassroots level. Featuring... More Information » « Less Information

Kinglake VIC 3763, Australia

Advocacy in Trinidad and Tobogo 0 Verified

13:49 Sep 24, 2012

The Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago (NRWPTT) as part of our celebration for the United Nations International Rural Women's... More Information » « Less Information

10 Austin Street, St Augustine. Trinidad and Tobago

Women influence climate change policies in Ghana 0 Verified

13:38 Sep 24, 2012

ABANTU exists to build the capacity of women to participate in decision-making at all levels, to influence policies from a gender perspective... More Information » « Less Information

Accra, Ghana

21-30 of 31 Reports
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